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Our Mission
  To create state-of-the-art trainining for public health workers and emergency responders for a multitude of catastrophic scenarios.  
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Mobile Pan Flu Prep


Be prepared for the pandemic flu! Introducting the first interactive cell phone application with pandemic flu preparedness information.

Mobile Panflu Prep is free to download on select cell phones from Cingular, Sprint and T-Mobil.

Anthrax Simulation

The first scenario in the project simulates a bioterrorism response focused on training thousands of people to dispense mass amounts of drugs in the wake of a large scale anthrax attack.

The current project is being developed for the Chicago Department of Public Health through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Video Trailer

The simulation begins with a television news report warning the public about the disaster. Soon the public begins to flock to emergency dispensing and vaccination centers and public health workers and emergency responders are faced with real-life situations.


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